Living Opportunities for Our Planet

Following the adoption of the Circular Economy Action Plan in 2015, the EU has promoted measures to stimulate the transition towards a circular economy. The adoption of the circular model may be an effective strategy to break the spiral of inefficiencies that seriously damages the natural, economic and social equilibrium of today’s world.

In order to overcome the linear economy model in Europe (and beyond), it is necessary to adopt a re-education strategy in the context of a new economic model, where the axis buy-use-dispose-buy-again is disrupted. The new model needs to be transmitted to children and young people and, most importantly, should be included in European school plans.

The LOOP project intends to transfer knowledge and competences concerning sustainable
development and to involve European students in the scientific debate regarding Circular Economy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


What’s up with LOOP?

LOOP kicks off in Cyprus:
the Erasmus+ project for the Circular Economy

Europe ushers in a green year, with never seen before investments to redevelop our approach to the planet:
LOOP, a project co-financed by the European Commission in the context of the strategic